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In a society with high beauty standards, many people consider how to enhance their look.

A more recent trend is for eyebrow tattoos.

However, with many sceptical about getting one in case it becomes an example of bad eyebrow tattoos, it is worth weighing up their pros and cons beforehand.

Is getting an eyebrow tattoo a good idea?

Our eyebrows are among the most important features because they help to shape and complement your face.

For that reason, eyebrow tattoos have become a popular choice.

Not only that, they can be beneficial for those who naturally have sparse brows or have lost eyebrow hair for whatever reason.

An eyebrow tattoo can also correct the shape and colour of your brow, significantly boosting your self-confidence.

Because most eyebrow tattoos are semi-permanent, the best semi-permanent makeup (SPMU) practitioners will arrange a follow-up appointment around six weeks after an initial treatment.

During this consultation, your SPMU artist will be able to make changes to the colour or the shape of eyebrows, so clients should raise any concerns they have. This demonstrates that eyebrow tattoos are adaptable because clients can have them altered if they want at that early stage.

For those who are worried an eyebrow tattoo might appear fake, the leading professional SPMU providers can make them look perfectly natural, giving you a realistic look that requires minimal upkeep.

Not only that, getting an eyebrow tattoo is a fantastic way to save time – especially for those who want their eyebrows to look their best and usually spend a long time drawing and correcting theirs on a daily basis.

What is the downside of an eyebrow tattoo?

While eyebrow tattoos can be an ideal solution for people who don’t want to go to the effort of filling in their eyebrows every day, they may not be for everyone.

For example, there is a small chance your practitioner may make a mistake, leading to your eyebrow tattoo becoming a bad eyebrow tattoo.

This is why it is important to make sure you call on a professional who has experience in the field of semi-permanent makeup application.

Furthermore, there is a remote possibility that you might experience side effects like skin issues, an allergic reaction, or an infection.

However, those instances are rare and the chances of this happening can be minimised further if you follow carefully the provided aftercare instructions.

Occasionally, the procedure of getting an eyebrow tattoo can be uncomfortable, although that depends on your pain threshold.

Because eyebrow tattoos are usually semi-permanent, they also typically fade away after a while and require touch-ups.

Not only can this be inconvenient, but it can also sometimes be expensive.

What happens to tattooed eyebrows as you age?

One of the main concerns among those considering an eyebrow tattoo is how they will look after a long period of time.

Due to factors like sun exposure, tattooed eyebrows can fade, which means that they can look significantly different to how they did when you first got them.

Does hair grow over tattooed eyebrows?

It is common for hair to grow over tattooed eyebrows as the hair follicles are still present even when tattoo ink is applied.

However, it is important to note the tattoo ink resides in the dermis layer of the skin, whereas the hair follicles are located deeper, meaning that the hair growth cycle is not negatively impacted.

Although hair will continue to grow after you get an eyebrow tattoo, it may pause for a few days in the tattooed area to allow the skin to heal.

Ultimately, getting an eyebrow tattoo may feel like a big decision to make, especially if you are prone to changing your mind!

Fortunately, it is possible to get rid of a bad eyebrow tattoo – for example, a traditional tattoo or one applied using microblading – by consulting a professional in the area of semi-permanent makeup removal such as Kristina Bradley.

With many success stories of laser eyebrow tattoo removal informed by years of experience, she prides herself on using a technique that is both gentle on the skin and minimally invasive.

Sometimes within a single session, although usually more, it is possible to see your eyebrow tattoo fade significantly while experiencing only minimal downtime.

So, if you have recently gotten an eyebrow tattoo and are unhappy with the results, why not investigate reversing the procedure with Kristina Bradley?

Call her for an initial conversation today on 07428 104077 or by sending an email to

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