Laser eyebrow removal

An eyebrow tattoo, which is also known as microblading or cosmetic eyebrow tattooing, is a semi-permanent makeup procedure which gives people fuller eyebrows with a more a natural appearance.

Done correctly, a tattoo can be an ideal way to fill in eyebrows that are sparse or thin.

They can also be a great alternative for those who have lost eyebrows because of medical conditions.

Not only do they minimise the cost of having to keep getting your eyebrows tinted, but it also means you can save time having to fill them in.

However, there are risks associated with getting any type of tattoo.

With that in mind, it’s worth knowing your options in those cases when tattooed eyebrows go wrong.

What if I hate my eyebrow tattoo?

Given eyebrow tattoos are intended to stay on your face for a long time, it is important to be sure you will be comfortable with how they look.

Modern natural powder brows can last up to two years, so if you decide you don’t like them anymore then you can simply wait for them to fade out.

However, an ‘old school’ eyebrow tattoo or microblading is intended to last for an extended period – meaning it’s best to have it removed if you’re unhappy.

You may also have a bad eyebrow tattoo due to them being mismatched or the wrong shape, or they simply change colour to a grey or pink shade.

If you hate your eyebrow tattoo, the first thing you should do is to decide how much! In the first instance, you could wait for it to fade away. That said, if you’ve already had it for a year or two, then it is most likely you’ll need to consult a trained professional.

Sometimes it takes a while to get used to your tattooed eyebrows, especially as it takes a while for them to fade and shrink after the healing period is over.

In other instances, scabs could form and it is difficult to know what the eyebrows look like until after they have healed. Scabbing usually begins a few days after the treatment, and the skin will peel for a while after.

It is only when the peeling complete that you will be able to see how light your eyebrows are.

At this stage, many people panic because they think there is no pigment present and the eyebrow tattoo did not work.

However, the ink changes colour several times immediately after getting an eyebrow tattoo, and it will only resemble the requested colour around four weeks later.

A semi-permanent makeup (SPMU) artist usually arranges a follow-up appointment six weeks after an initial treatment, during which they will be able to adjust the colour or shape the eyebrows, so be sure to raise any concerns that you have then.

If you have waited a while after your top-up appointment, and are certain that you hate your eyebrow tattoo, it may be time to assess your options.

Covering daily an unwanted eyebrow tattoo can be tiresome and irritating.

With that in mind, it may be worth considering laser tattoo removal as a viable long-term solution.

How can eyebrow tattoo treatment go wrong?

Eyebrow tattoos have evolved over the years.

Nowadays, the eyebrow tattoo techniques are called ‘ombre brows’, ‘power brows’, ‘nano brows’, or ‘hair strokes’ and appear more natural.

The pigments used are safer, meaning a higher number of people are choosing this method to improve the appearance of their eyebrows.

However, there is still a chance that tattooed eyebrows can go wrong.

One of the most common reasons why eyebrow tattoos don’t go according to plan is an underqualified or inexperienced tattoo artist.

Getting an eyebrow tattoo is a process that requires a high level of skill and precision.

Without proper training, the permanent makeup artist can create uneven brows, place them incorrectly, or administer the wrong pigment colour.

Another factor that can cause a bad eyebrow tattoo is low-quality ink.

Tattoo artists who want to save money, or haven’t done their research properly when sourcing ink, might use an inferior-quality product.

Unfortunately, if the ink is low quality, it will not stay its true colour and may quickly turn to a shade of grey or pink. This can leave people with an undesirable result, and may leave them needing to spend money on a further top-up or laser removal.

Of course, people who opt for eyebrow tattoos usually want them to look as natural and perfect and possible.

However, there is a small chance they may turn out slightly uneven. For instance, your eyebrows could appear too thick, large, or long. They might be placed too high, or too low, on your natural brow line.

In rarer cases, people can have allergic reactions. This can be identified if someone is experiencing symptoms like swelling, itchiness and scarring which can alter the look of your face.

Despite the fact that getting an eyebrow tattoo is a relatively safe procedure, there is also a chance that you could get an infection, especially if tattoo artists use tools that aren’t properly sterilised.

There can be occasions when a tattoo artist has done their job well, but you fail to follow aftercare instructions.

Aftercare is essential to make sure the eyebrow heals and lasts properly. If this routine isn’t followed, it may result in scabs, an infection, or even hyperpigmentation.

For example, those who have eyebrow tattoos are usually not allowed to apply makeup for several weeks afterwards.

This is because their eyebrows are an open wound, and can get infected. Not only can putting on makeup hinder the healing process, but it can also ruin the look of your eyebrows.

It is also best to avoid activities like swimming or going to sauna because you could risk getting the tattoo infected and the pigment may wear off.

An SPMU should take time to consult fully and carefully with you so that they understand what you want.

That way the risk of miscommunication is low and the eyebrow tattoo is more likely to meet your expectations.

If you rush, you could choose the wrong colour of eyebrow tattoo that does not match your hair colour or skin tone.

The best way to ensure that your eyebrow tattoo treatment goes smoothly is to select a certified, licensed and experienced eyebrow tattoo artist who will ensure that you are supported throughout.

How do you fix a bad eyebrow tattoo?

To temporarily fix a bad eyebrow tattoo, it is a good idea to fill in your eyebrows with eyebrow makeup if your eyebrows are faded or discoloured, or if you feel the shape of yours isn’t correct, or they do not match.

To make the brows more natural, you can also use brush strokes to replicate the appearance of natural hair.

If you feel as though your eyebrows are too big, you can make them appear smaller by using concealer to hide the excess eyebrow tattoo.

However, it is important to remember you cannot fill in your eyebrows until your tattoo has healed, no matter how badly it has turned out, because you risk infecting it or making it worse.

Furthermore, as these are temporary solutions, it is important to note they cannot be relied upon to work in the long term.

Temporary remedies can be costly, especially if you have to consistently buy items to fix the problem.

With that in mind, choosing a solution like laser removal is preferable.

This safe procedure involves specialised lasers which are optimised to break down and remove the ink from your skin.

In just a few sessions, you will be able to forget about the pain of having a bad eyebrow tattoo and you will never have to think about it again.

What do you need to know before fixing a bad eyebrow tattoo?

If you are thinking about fixing a bad eyebrow tattoo, it is advisable you do not try do so at home with tattoo removal creams and gels.

Although these solutions have been posed as ideal ways to help fade the ink over time, they can also be risky.

Attempting any sort of tattoo removal at home can inflict lasting damage like scarring and infection, leaving your eyebrow tattoo even harder to fix in the future.

You also need to understand that your bad eyebrow tattoo won’t be fixed immediately. In fact, it will most likely take several sessions to completely fade.

However, there are occasions when a single session is all that’s needed to fully remove an eyebrow tattoo. To see examples, be sure to check out Kristina Bradley’s page on Instagram.

Therefore, steer clear of anyone who is claiming that they will completely get rid of your eyebrow tattoo in one session because this could have severe side effects.

Every case is different, but you should not be left with lasting damage like scabs or scarring, so it is advisable to do your research before picking a laser removal artist.

You will also not be able to complete your sessions one after the other in quick succession because your skin will need time to heal.

It is therefore recommended you trust the process rather than panicking after the first session is over and taking matters into your own hands.

How to avoid bad eyebrow tattoos

Eyebrow tattoos may not always turn out the way that we want, which is why it is necessary to know what to do in the case of a bad eyebrow tattoo.

The best chance you have of avoiding bad eyebrow tattoos is to carefully consider if you want one beforehand.

However, if it is too late and you already have a bad eyebrow tattoo, it is best you opt to get it removed by a professional.

They will be able to assess your own specific situation and give you advice on what the best course of action is for your laser eyebrow tattoo removal.

Correction procedures should not be done at home, or by someone who has little experience.

Instead, it should be conducted only by professionals who are properly equipped to handle your eyebrow tattoo removal.

Kristina Bradley’s expertise and high-quality tech is optimised to be gentle and doesn’t leave you with scabs or bruises like many other eyebrow tattoo removal services.

Having conducted more than 300 treatments of laser eyebrow tattoo removal, she is dedicated to achieving positive results that drastically minimise the appearance of your eyebrow tattoo after just one or more sessions.

With little to no side effects, Kristina can guarantee that you will have very little downtime, allowing you to return to your daily activities quickly.

From making you feel comfortable prior to your treatment with an in-depth evaluation to giving you detailed instructions on aftercare, she is the ideal choice for those who want to find a lasting solution to bad eyebrow tattoos.

If you are unhappy with your tattooed eyebrows and want to explore the possibility of laser eyebrow tattoo removal, why not consider consulting with Kristina Bradley?

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