SPMU Training Course in Warrington

Take the first step towards your dream job in Semi-Permanent Makeup with the Kristina Bradley SPMU Training Course!

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About Kristina Bradley

Kristina began her journey to SPMU in HR, working a 9-5 job with few holidays and a limited salary. Despite stability, she felt undervalued and stressed and knew I needed a change into a career that I love.

Now, as a PMU artist, she controls her schedule, earning £5-10k monthly. No bosses, flexible hours, continuous growth, financial stability, and uncapped potential. Join her on the path to personal and professional success.

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How to know if the Basic SPMU Course is for you

The Basic SPMU Course is for you if you are:

  • A beauty professional, aiming to diversify your service offerings.
  • Eager to transition into a new and highly lucrative profession.
  • Seeking a better work-life balance with reduced hours and increased earnings.
  • Currently employed and considering a career change for greater fulfilment.
  • Dreaming of a substantial career shift towards a more rewarding path.
  • Intent on breaking through the limitations of your current salary.
  • Desiring the flexibility to control your own work schedule.
  • A student aspiring to earn and excel in permanent makeup alongside studies.
  • Returning to work after a career break and pursuing professional fulfilment, financial independence, and a harmonious balance between work and home life.
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How much can I earn  after SPMU training?

Below shows the potential income in the first month after your SPMU training and the income growth prospects for the 5-6 months following:

Immediately after training:

Minimum procedure cost: £150

Work time per day for one client: 2-3 hours

Number of working days in a month: 22 days


After 3-5 months:

Minimum procedure cost: £200

2 clients per day: 4-6 hours

Number of working days in a month: 22 days


After 6 months:

Minimum procedure cost: £250

2 clients per day: 6-8 hours

Number of working days in a month: 22 days


About the course

This course provides a straightforward, step-by-step system that, when adhered to, will elevate your demand in the industry.

The training process is divided into three zones:

Eyebrows, Lips, and Eyes

However, you can choose which areas you want to study.

We start with online preparation 10 days before the course.

I’ll add you to a group chat on Telegram where you will:
• Study lessons at your own convenience and pace.
• Complete homework.
• Submit it for review

Afterwards, there will be in-person sessions for practical training.

focus of course is eyes, lips, and brows
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 Course Curriculum:

Day 1/Day 2
(compulsory for everyone):
• Introduction
• Theory, practice on latex
• Hand positioning

Day 3:
• Powder brows: Theory and practice

Day 4:
• Lips: Theory and practice

Day 5:
• Morning – Eyes: Theory and practice
• Afternoon (compulsory for everyone):
• Recap
• Celebration
• Certificate Issuing

Everyone has to attend day 1 and 2 and the afternoon of day 5.

What will you learn on the SPMU course?

This comprehensive course covers various aspects of permanent makeup, from theory to practical techniques, ensuring students gain a thorough understanding and proficiency in the field.

  • What is Permanent Makeup
  • Types of Permanent Makeup
  • Your Workspace
  • First Aid Kit
  • Health and Safety
  • Aseptic Technique
  • Organising the Workspace
  • Cross Contamination and Hand Hygiene
  • Disposal
  • Contraindications to Permanent Makeup
  • Complications After Permanent Makeup
  • Types of Skin Lesions
  • All About Skin
  • Scars
  • Colour Perception
  • Filters in the Skin
  • Colour Types
  • Anaesthetics
  • PMU machines
  • Needles, cartridges
  • Pain Threshold
  • Techniques in PMU
  • Anatomy of Eyebrows, Lips, Eyes
  • How to Create an Outline
  • Aftercare
  • Healing Process
  • Colour Selection, Covering
  • Machines and Needles
  • Blends for Eyebrows, Lips, Eyes
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What’s included with your course package?

– Online theory with homework, practice and feedback prior to the course start

– Certificate

– Trophy

– Author’s notebook with the full spmu course

– Photoshoot for you

– Lessons on photo retouching

– Guide with 10 posts for pmu master

– Guide – how to find your clients

– Guide with best suppliers qr codes

– Lunches included

– Fizz celebration at the end of the course

How much does the SPMU course cost?


1 area of SPMU


2 areas of SPMU


3 areas of SPMU

On top of the basic course, you have the option to upgrade to a more premium package.

At the end of your course with Kristina Bradley, there will be potential employment opportunities for any talented students!

– extra £500
– includes starter kit
– 30% discount on any course for 1 year
– 3 days of studio rental for practice
– Online support in student’s chat for 6 months

– extra £1000
– includes starter kit
– 50% discount on any course for 1 year
– 20% discount on Etalon Mix pigments for 1 year
– 3-day 1-2-1 shadowing with Kristina Bradley
– 5 days of studio rental for practice
– Online support in student’s chat for 12 months

Individual package
– £6000
– All-inclusive
– Individual training for 5 days with Kristina Bradley

– £6000
– All-inclusive
– Individual training for 5 days with Kristina Bradley


If the course you’re interested in is too expensive for you, don’t worry – you  can apply for 0% financing and spread the cost over 12 months.

Get in touch to discuss more about our financing options.

After the course, you’ll have an impressive portfolio. We’ll cover client management including how to find your first clients and how to build a solid client base.

If you don’t feel ready to start working with clients, or feel like you want more practice, we offer options that allow you to work in our studio, and we hold regular catch-up meetings for students to answer any queries or concerns.

The course will tell you everything you need to know about SPMU from both a theory and practical perspective.

You will learn about how SPMU applies to different kinds of skin including different ages, tones and sensitivities. You’ll also have a full understanding of health and safety, cross contamination and required practices. Your clients can rest assured that you will complete all necessary training on how to apply SPMU as well as what is required to provide the safe and high quality experience they expect.

There are no legal requirements for how often you must retrain or requalify for SPMU. Once qualified, you are officially allowed to offer SPMU on clients whenever you wish.

However, should you wish to refine your skills, remind yourself of best practices or just refresh your approach, Kristina Bradley will be there to support your needs. Get in touch to discuss your specific needs and we will try to arrange a programme which is adapted to your schedule.