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Here at Kristina Bradley Warrington, we offer a wide range of beauty treatments including Powder Brows often known as Ombre Brows.

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There are many factors to consider when choosing the most suitable eyebrows for you. The best place to start is to understand what you would like to achieve and don’t worry if you aren’t sure. Here at Kristina Bradley, we can provide expert advice and guidance which will allow you to feel confident and happy with your choice.

Look at what would be the best colour and shape for you.  We look at what your hair growth pattern is and if there are any sparse areas. We can precisely measure to understand the symmetry between your brows and what needs adjusting. Sometimes a dramatic difference can be achieved just by improving how and where eyebrows start and end.

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The Process

  • Your appointment will start with a consultation. You will discuss the shape/colour that you want and receive specialist advice. You will fill in the consultation forms.
  • If you decide to proceed with the treatment, we will first take a photo of you.
  • Then we will make a sketch of your new eyebrows, using the special equipment. The sketch forms the basis of the future brow, so this has to be absolutely accurate.

    “To create the perfect brow shape, for some patients I will use the modified Da Vinci golden ratio method. For others, I will use the Da Vinci method as a base, but I will soften off corners or add length” – Kristina Bradley.

  • As soon as you are satisfied with the sketch, we discuss the colour and then we can start the actual treatment.
  • Using a pigment specially formulated for your desired look, skin tone, hair and eye colour, the delicate Powder Brow machine pen will inject tiny particles of colour painlessly into the desired brow shape.

    “You hold the mirror and you call the shots. Nothing is added until, you are sure. We talk together and work together the whole time. For sure, I will guide you and tell you what I think will suit you, but very often my clients know exactly what suits them the best and that isn’t about trends or a one size fits all approach! You know your face better than anyone. This process is about naturally enhancing and gradually building” – Kristina Bradley

  • Expect to be with us for 1.5-2 hours for the first appointment.
  • The treatment requires one top up appointment 6 weeks after the initial application. The top up session is very important as we can evaluate how your eyebrows healed, we can make changes to the colour or shape and perfect them so they can last for a whole year!

Your Powder Brow Questions Answered

When you get powdered brows, you should return for a touch-up procedure two months after the original procedure. After that, the brows should last between one and three years.

The benefits are that having permanent eyebrows is super convenient. It is tailored to your face. Having permanent brows saves you time and money long term. You will not mess up this make up. Your confidence will grow, and you will look amazing 24/7. Krisina Bradley specialises in creating natural looking eyebrows that don’t look like 2 tattoos on your face.

Powder brows last for about 1 – 1.5 year and then they fade away.

It is much easier to make eyebrows that 2-3 years. However, in time, these eyebrows will turn grey or pink and will require to be removed by the laser. It is much harder to deposit the ink exactly to the right lever, so the eyebrows will last for a year and then fade away on their own. Kristina Bradley has a lot of examples of healed eyebrows and what they look like in a year’s time.

Powder brows is the most advanced technique that gives the natural look and allows the colour to remain the same over time. It is such a light technique that causes absolutely no bleeding during the treatment (if performed correctly) and can be performed on clients who take blood thinning medications.

In microblading the skin is cut using blades, which cause a lot of bleeding, long healing and mostly leave scars.

Powder brows is a form of tattooing. However, the difference is in ink, in needles and in the depth of where this ink is placed in the skin. Kristina Bradley uses the most modern technique called micropigmentation where the ink is deposited into the skin in a form of tiny dots and these dots create a gradient that looks like powder brows.
Absolutely NOT! You will be surprised how unpainful it is. Powder brows are less painful due to the airbrush-like technique that is used which creates less trauma to the skin vs. the blading technique of microblading.
Absolutely yes! Not only this, if your eyebrows were done only by Kristina Bradley and for some reason need to be removed (which never happened before) Kristina will remove them for free. The ink that is used by Kristina is very easily removable by laser in most cases just in 1 session.
Avoid putting makeup on the area for the first week.
For the first week avoid: putting makeup on the area, wet the area, avoid steam room, sauna, hammam, swimming pool, hot tube anything that makes you hot and sweaty. Keep the area cool and dry and don’t apply any cream.

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