Laser Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

Here at Kristina Bradley Warrington, we offer a wide range of beauty treatments including Laser Eyebrow Tattoo Removal.

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At Kristina Bradley, we understand that unwanted tattoos can cause a lot of frustration and, worse, risk knocking your confidence.

Fortunately, we offer a range of safe and effective beauty treatments, including laser eyebrow tattoo removal.

Whether you are correcting an eyebrow tattoo that has gone wrong, or simply fancy a change, eyebrow tattoo removal is an effective solution.

Why would someone want a tattoo removed?

The majority of people seeking a laser eyebrow tattoo removal are doing so for aesthetic purposes.

Perhaps they do not like the shape of their eyebrow tattoo, and have had undesirable results from a previous application.

Or maybe they have had their eyebrow tattoo for a long time and want to return to having natural-looking brows.

There are even people who want their semi-permanent makeup removed due to the fact it may not suit their face’s shape or hair colour.

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How does eyebrow tattoo removal work?

A laser eyebrow tattoo removal is similar to that of a regular tattoo.

The laser breaks down the pigment into smaller fragments by pulsing directly through the skin’s surface to fade the tattoo.

As technology has advanced, laser tools can now carry out quick and gentle eyebrow tattoo removals, meaning the ink can be faded safely and with greater precision.

Why choose Kristina Bradley for your semi-permanent makeup removal?

Kristina Bradley’s expertise with laser eyebrow tattoo removals is informed by years of experience working with semi-permanent makeup and aesthetics.

She prides herself on having a deep knowledge of the skin, pigments, and tattoo removal techniques.

Her passion for delivering a safe service with minimal downtime has allowed her to train with renowned professionals around the world, and has encouraged her to develop a unique technique that is both gentle on the skin and yields fantastic results.

Having surveyed many other laser eyebrow tattoo removal methods over the years, Kristina identified how many other services leave their customers with scabs and bruises.

Kristina endeavours to avoid this common issue by using minimally invasive technique that prioritises the safety and comfort of the client.

Using an advanced medical-grade Nd:YAG laser, she can safely remove tattoo ink without inflicting any physical damage like scabbing, bruising or any trauma to the skin.

With Kristina’s high-tech services, clients can expect to see a significant reduction in the appearance of their eyebrow tattoos quickly, with little to no side effects.

Laser Eyebrow Removal
Laser Eyebrow Removal

What Kristina has to say about laser eyebrow tattoo removals

“Skin integrity and safety is my priority, and with my approach you can have peace of mind that your skin will be unblemished without compromising on the end result. Using our medical grade laser equipment, we achieve a positive result each and every time.”

Kristina Bradley

Have your tattooed eyebrows gone wrong??

Whether your eyebrow tattoo has gone wrong, or you are simply dissatisfied with the results, eyebrow tattoo removal could be the best solution.

Kristina Bradley provides expert laser eyebrow tattoo removal services, backed by many years of experience and advanced training.

You can either call us today on 07428 104077 or send us an email to to get the eyebrow tattoo removal process started.

Your Laser Tattoo Removal Questions Answered

Laser eyebrow tattoo removal is the perfect solution for women who have had their eyebrows tattooed in the past and are not happy with the results.

Whether your tattoo has gone wrong, the colour has faded to an unappealing grey or pink, or you simply want to get rid of an old, outdated style, Kristina can help you achieve the look you desire.

If you have gone through the experience of getting an eyebrow tattoo, the level of discomfort should be similar if you opt for an eyebrow tattoo removal.

Fortunately, Kristina Bradley is dedicated to making your experience as comfortable as possible by using a gentle method that takes into consideration your skin type and its sensitivity.

It is advised that you should wait at least eight to 12 weeks after having your eyebrows tattooed before you can get a laser eyebrow tattoo removal.

Our laser can remove all ‘warm’ colours like pink, red and orange as well as ‘dark’ colours such as dark blue, grey, purple and black.

Combined, we can remove any colours apart from lime green, turquoise and light blue.

If you would like to remove these specific colours, we would be happy to make a referral to a more specialist practitioner.

Before your treatment, Kristina will evaluate your skin and assess your tattoo to determine the best approach for your laser eyebrow tattoo removal.

Depending on the size and colour of yours, you may need several treatments to achieve optimal results.

Your appointment will be booked for half an hour, but the duration of the actual treatment is less than that at five to 10 minutes.

We aim to make your experience as comfortable as possible by providing you with a massage bed, a stress ball, and a cooling device to soothe the area before and after the treatment.

Laser eyebrow tattoo removal typically takes several sessions before the ink is completely faded.

There should also be a minimum of six weeks between sessions to allow for recovery and healing because the lasers need to gradually break down the ink pigment into smaller particles.

This should also help temporary swelling and blistering that can change the colour of your skin.

In short, the length of each session will be dependent on the size, location, and colour of your tattoo.

Any type of semi-permanent makeup, including eyebrow tattoos, will typically last for a period of between two and five years. Over this time, the eyebrow tattoo will gradually fade.

However, it is advisable to arrange an eyebrow tattoo removal if you have had a bad eyebrow tattoo or yours has gone wrong because you cannot cover it up.

After your treatment, it is common to experience some redness and swelling, but this is normal and should subside within a few hours.

Kristina will also provide you with detailed aftercare instructions.

Post-treatment ‘downtime’ is around 24 hours, with the majority of patients able to return to a normal routine within few hours.

A minimal regime of aftercare would involve the need to cool down the localised area for around 10 minutes every hour, for the first eight hours.

A suitable sun protection cream should also be applied to protect your skin after your eyebrow tattoo removal.

Although black ink is often the darkest and thickest type of ink, it is normally the most straightforward to remove with laser tattoo removal treatment, and can be done at Kristina Bradley.

With laser eyebrow tattoo removal, you will need to let your skin completely heal before each session, which can take six weeks for laser.

It is a good idea to avoid any activities, such as swimming or going to a sauna, because these risk delaying the healing process and increase the chance of infection.

Although there are many claims that removal creams work to remove eyebrow tattoos, there is no substantial evidence they are effective.

While they may help to fade or lighten the tattoo, there is a high risk of these types of creams inflicting lasting damage to the skin.

Therefore, it is advised to avoid any quick fixes when it comes to eyebrow tattoo removals.

Opting to remove your eyebrow tattoo with a laser is one of the safest solutions for your bad tattoo.

Similar to regular tattoo removal, the laser breaks down pigment into small fragments which the body can remove naturally.

However, the removal of cosmetic tattoos is also faster and requires fewer treatments than normal tattoo removal.

There are some risks involved with laser eyebrow tattoo removal, including colours not completely fading and a small chance your surrounding skin may become temporarily darker or paler.

If you are tired of trying to correct a bad eyebrow tattoo yourself, it’s time to consider getting a long-term solution for what is a common problem.

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