Here at Kristina Bradley Warrington, we offer a wide range of beauty treatments including permanent eye lash enhancer which is a semi-permanent makeup technique.

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With permanent eyeliner you will have perfectly symmetrical eyeliner that never smudges or runs no matter whatever your daily routine. Eyelash line enhancement is the perfect way to have professionally applied eye liner all day long.

With an eyelash line enhancement, you get more definition to your eyes which creates the appearance of thicker lashes, widening your eyes. Permanent makeup does fade over time due to factors such as sun exposure and skin tone so we advise on a consultation 6 – 8 weeks where we may advise on a colour enhancement.

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Your Eyelash Line Enhancer Questions Answered

Lash line enhancement is a permanent eyeliner beauty treatment that is becoming increasingly popular. It involves creating a delicate light line across the top or bottom of your lashes to achieve the appearance of fuller and darker lashes.

Eyelash enhancement can fade over time although darker colours are more stable than lighter colours and so tend to last that bit longer. We suggest a consultation every few months where we can assess whether a colour top up is required.

There is no specific colour for your permanent eyeliner enhancement. This all depends on your skin tone so we will best advise and discuss in more detail with you.

In general, we say that the healing process after eyelash line enhancement treatment is around 7 days. This all depends on the thickness of the colour tone used and your own lifestyle.

Permanent eyeliner enhances the eyes without the use of makeup or eyeliner pencils. The treatment also helps to improve the appearance of light-colored or missing lashes and the colour chosen is determined by your own skintone.