Hold onto your seats, because we’re about to revolutionise your skincare experience!

We are absolutely ecstatic to welcome Becky, a true maestro in the world of skin care, to our dream team! With an astonishing 20+ years of unparalleled expertise, Becky has not only honed her craft, but has set the gold standard for excellence in the aesthetic industry.

Picture this: Becky, a powerhouse professional, has been side by side with esteemed Doctors, surgeons, and dermatologists, crafting her skills into an art form.

Her journey began on the luxurious decks of 5-star cruise liners, where she mastered the art of skincare with precision and finesse. After five remarkable years, she set her sights on an illustrious clinic group, where her talent skyrocketed her to the position of National Clinic Trainer, overseeing an impressive 11 clinics across the nation!

Becky’s secret weapon? Specialised machines and top-tier pharmaceutical-grade skincare products that elevate the client experience to unmatched heights. Her dedication to delivering jaw-dropping results is not just a mission—it’s her lifeblood! ????

And there’s more good news on the horizon! We’ll soon be confirming the extensive list of treatments that Becky will be offering, and you’ll find it all on our website this week.

Becky is all set to kickstart her journey with us in October, and you’ll be able to book in with her very shortly. Get ready to embark on a skincare journey like never before.

Welcome aboard, Becky!
Prepare to witness the magic unfold!

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