Laser Eyebrow Removal

It is a sinking feeling to look at your new eyebrow tattoos in the mirror and realise you don’t like them.

One solution, particularly if yours is a traditional tattoo or your eyebrow has been enhanced with microblading, is to opt for laser removal.

However, before making this choice, it is worth looking at laser eyebrow removal before and after.

How do I prepare for eyebrow laser?

If you are disappointed at how your eyebrow tattoos have turned out, it may be tempting to rush into laser eyebrow tattoo removal.

However, there are several steps you should take to prepare for this type of treatment.

First, it is advisable that you wait at least six weeks after getting your eyebrow tattoo to have it removed. This is because it is crucial that the skin heals fully before beginning eyebrow tattoo removal.

Not only that, because the laser blasts the pigment into small particles which your body’s lymphatic system drains away, you will also need to cleanse your face thoroughly beforehand.

It is also common for a patch test to be done at least 24 hours prior to your first treatment to ensure your skin won’t have an adverse reaction to anything that will be used.

If you are unsure about what to expect, or what the process of laser eyebrow tattoo removal is like, it is strongly recommended to talk to your chosen semi-permanent makeup artist (SPMU).

Is it safe to remove eyebrow tattoo with laser?

While it is natural to ask how safe laser eyebrow tattoo removal is, there is nothing to worry about.

Although the process can be uncomfortable for some people, it is usually over quickly.

In some instances, there might be unwanted hair loss with slow regrowth and visible gaps or sparse areas, but there is a high chance this will be temporary.

It is important to note the possibility of side effects with any type of tattoo removal, for example redness and swelling of the skin.

However, it is likely that these will subside after inside 48 hours.

If you remain concerned about how safe the eyebrow tattoo removal process is, it is better to get it done with a trusted professional like Kristina Bradley.

Kristina ensures the skin is not broken or bruised during your treatment, meaning that there is a reduced likelihood of developing scabs, and your eyebrow hair will remain intact.

Her approach means a reaction to the laser takes place under the skin without causing burning on the surface, or pinpoint bleeding.

How long does it take for eyebrow tattoo to fade after laser removal?

The length of time it takes for eyebrow tattoos to fade after laser removal depends on several factors, including the type of ink, the depth of the tattoo, and skin type.

On average, eyebrow tattoos will begin to fade within the first fortnight after the treatment. In addition, the pinkness and discolouration of the affected area will fade at between eight and 12 weeks.

It’s unlikely that your eyebrow tattoos will be completely gone after just one session and it usually takes several to see proper results. However, there are examples of when a single session is enough to remove an eyebrow tattoo.

It’s important to follow the aftercare instructions provided by the SPMU that performed the laser removal to guarantee the best outcome and reduce the risk of complications.

If you have any questions about the healing process, consult with your tattoo removal specialist.

What do eyebrows look like after laser tattoo removal?

Laser technology is powerful for removing a variety of things, from permanent makeup to cosmetic tattoos.

However, it is important to note that after laser eyebrow tattoo removal, eyebrows can vary in appearance.

In many cases, it is common to see mild or moderate swelling which can prevent you from getting the full picture of what your eyebrows will look like. However, this swelling will usually calm within 24 hours and your skin should be fully healed within two weeks.

In terms of colour, in some cases, the colour on your eyebrows will disappear quickly.

In others, the colour will only fade slightly but you will begin to see immediate improvement.

It is only in rare circumstances that your eyebrows will appear darker immediately following your treatment or change colour from pink to grey or grey to pink. At this stage, they could start to flake and peel off.

However, this shouldn’t be the case with professional treatments. Sometimes, your eyebrows may turn into shades of blue, green, pink orange or yellow after your treatment. However, this can be rectified promptly as these colours can be removed with the correct treatment plan.

Thankfully, Kristina Bradley, who is a trained expert in the field of semi-permanent makeup removal, uses a technique that is both gentle on the skin and minimally invasive.

Clients can expect to see a significant reduction in the appearance of the eyebrow tattoos after just one or a few sessions, with very little downtime.

Kristina’s advanced medical-grade Nd:YAG laser can safely remove unwanted tattoo ink on, or near, your eyebrows without causing scabbing, bruising, or trauma to the skin meaning that every client gets natural results.

From giving you a step-by-step guide prior to your treatment, and a thorough evaluation of your situation, to supporting you with aftercare, the professionalism of Kristina Bradley is unmatched.

So, if you want to get rid of an unwanted eyebrow tattoo and want a positive experience removing it, why not reach out to Kristina Bradley for a laser eyebrow tattoo removal?

You can make an enquiry today by calling her on 07428 104077, or by sending an email to 

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