Laser eyebrow removal

This is a a 2 year story of a client that really needed laser eyebrow removal treatment to remove an old tattoo that wasn’t the best!.

Would I say this is one of the worst cases that I have ever seen? – certainly yes and here is what’s happened.

????Client Background:

A customer came to me with a complaint of grey eyebrows from a previous bad tattoo.

In fact, when she had her eyebrows done for the first time, they were not too bad (As my client said), but were a bit uneven. So when she came for a top up, her SPMU artist said: “ok, I will just colour block them”. And you can see this “masterpiece” on the 2nd slide.

Imagine if you would get up from a beauty couch and see this in the mirror? What would you do???

Imagine trying to hide everyday under the thick layer of concealer this “peace of art”?

Imagine thinking that this tattoo is now on your face FOREVER???

I’m quite surprised that many of my clients say they didn’t know that their bad eyebrow tattoo can be removed. Many of them were looking for years for someone before they found me!

So this client found me online and booked in.

Of course those eyebrows left her feeling self-conscious and embarrassed, turning her life into hell…


This is the story of 2 years and 5 laser removals! My client lived quite far so she couldn’t come often. Between her 4th and 5th sessions she had a 10 month break.

Of course, she could have achieved this results a lot faster. But in her circumstances it was the only way!


The Laser Eyebrow Removal results speak for themselves!

Don’t even think your eyebrows can not be removed! Or if you are having multiple sessions with no progress – you are in the wrong hands!

Laser eyebrow removal is the most effective solution for removing eyebrow tattoos that have gone wrong.

You know, my client was crying after we removed her 1st eyebrow. She could not believe her eyes that this “hell” will be gone soon from her face.

I must say, haven’t seen anyone happier than her after the treatment!

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