Kristina Bradley represents Etalon Mix by Albina Lazareva

Kristina Bradley become the new representative of @etalon_mix pigments in the UK!

Now you all know the secret to why her eyebrows don’t turn grey or pink! That’s why! Colour theory knowledge, right technique and good quality pigments that retain their colour in time!

Etalon Mix pigments are made of high-quality dyes, have a balanced homogeneous structure, fit well into the skin and help to get an excellent result – an even tone and uniform fading over time.

At Kristina Bradley, we have full range of inks for eyebrows, lips and also correctors.

Kristina Bradley representing Etalon Mix by Albina Lazareva is just another checkbox and we look forward to support the for many years :)

Get in touch if you would like to ask any questions.

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