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A laser eyebrow tattoo removal can be the ideal solution for those people who want to get rid of a bad eyebrow tattoo.

If yours is a traditional tattoo, or your eyebrow has been enhanced with microblading, then it’s worth exploring how long it takes to remove an eyebrow tattoo.

Can eyebrow tattoos be removed with laser technology?

Yes, laser technology is extremely effective for removing eyebrow tattoos.

During this type of tattoo removal, a laser targets pigment in the tattooed area. It emits high-intensity light pulses that break down the ink particles into smaller fragments. Later, your body’s lymphatic drainage system carries them away from your body.

This process usually occurs over several sessions as the tattoo fades.

Of course, the number sessions required depends on factors like the tattoo size, its depth, and the type of ink used.

Some eyebrow tattoo can be removed in just 1 session whilst other may take longer to remove.

An   eyebrow tattoo or microblading that has been done multiple times may take longer to erase, while some types of ink may be more difficult to remove than others.

Laser technology has evolved in terms of achieving successful tattoo removals, and semi-permanent makeup (SPMU) artists like Kristina Bradley are using high-quality equipment with expert skill.

In fact, there are examples of laser eyebrow tattoo removals when a single session is enough.

What are the risks of laser eyebrow tattoo removals?

As is common with every type of tattoo removal, there are potential risks and side effects.

First, it is common to feel some discomfort. As mentioned above, this is because a laser blasts pigment for it to be carried away by your drainage system. Immediately afterwards, it’s likely there will be some swelling and redness in the treated area.

However, in most cases, this will subside after 24 hours.  With Kristina’s technique your skin will be completely intact which means that you won’t develop any scabbing or bruising after the treatment.

In rare cases, there may be scarring to your face, or changes in your skin pigmentation. This is when your face becomes damaged or the pigments do not completely disappear, meaning the tattoo may only fade a little.

However, this won’t happen with an experienced professional like Kristina Bradley who uses the appropriate equipment with utmost care.

While there is also a small chance of developing an infection, you can minimise the risk of this occurring by carefully following proper aftercare instructions.

The most important thing to remember if you are worried about the risks involved with laser eyebrow tattoo removal is that a qualified  practitioner takes every necessary precaution to reduce them.

Not only should they take into consideration your personal profile, including the depth of your tattoo and your skin type, but they should also be transparent about any potential complications.

Rest assured that Kristina Bradley follows a professional code of conduct and uses a technique that ensures the skin is not broken or bruised during treatment, meaning you’re highly unlikely to develop scabs, and your eyebrow hair will remain intact.

Her approach means a reaction to the laser takes place under the skin without inflicting burning on the surface, or pinpoint bleeding.

How long does a laser eyebrow tattoo removal session take?

The time it takes for one laser eyebrow tattoo removal session fluctuates according to every client’s individual circumstances.

However, the duration typically ranges between 15 to 30 minutes.

This can depend on the size of the treatment area as well as how stubborn the ink is. The colour and pigment of the ink can also play a role in the length of the session as darker pigments tend to absorb laser energy better.

Of course, there are also instances where a client may cut the treatment short if they are experiencing discomfort or they are unable to continue, but that is rare and has never happened at Kristina’s clinic.

Additionally, the type of laser may also influence the session’s duration.

Experts in the field of laser eyebrow tattoo removal like Kristina Bradley will use an advanced medical-grade Nd:YAG laser which can safely remove unwanted tattoo ink on, or near, your eyebrows without causing any scabbing, bruising, or trauma to the skin.

This means the desired results can be achieved safely and quickly.

If you are curious about how long it will take to remove your eyebrow tattoo, remember that it is best to consult with a professional who will be able to give you an accurate answer according to your personal circumstances.

How much does laser eyebrow tattoo removal cost?

There is no set price for an eyebrow laser tattoo removal because it can vary according to the clinic, the area, and the number of sessions required.

However, it is estimated that the average cost of a session like this is between £50 and £150.

(Shall we say that in Kristina’s clinic the cost of 1 eyebrow laser removal session is £90)

If you are unsure of the price of a single laser eyebrow tattoo removal session, it is advisable to consult with the relevant clinic to get an accurate quote.

Kristina Bradley is an expert in semi-permanent makeup removal and makes it a priority to communicate with clients at every stage of the process.

With years of experience and a long list of satisfied clients, she uses a technique that is both gentle on the skin and minimally invasive.

Not only does this result in your eyebrow tattoo fading significantly after the first session, but you should also be able to return to regular daily activity within a short space of time.

So, if you find yourself unhappy with the results of your eyebrow tattoo, why not get a safe and effective laser eyebrow tattoo removal with Kristina Bradley?

It is easier than ever to make an enquiry. Call her 07428 104077 or send an email to 

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