Kristina’s technique for powder brows typically require a touch-up after 12-14 months, although some older clients may maintain their eyebrows for up to 18 months, contingent upon their lifestyle. Ensuring the longevity of your eyebrows involves a delicate balance. While it’s crucial for your SPMU (Semi-Permanent Makeup) artist to use more ink and apply it deeper to achieve a ‘tattoo look,’ excessive application can compromise the natural appearance and long-term aesthetic, potentially resulting in shades of grey or pink.

The philosophy of ‘less is better’ holds true in this context. A more restrained use of ink not only renders a more natural look but also allows your body to naturally eliminate most of the ink within 12-18 months. Conversely, excessive ink application prevents the body from discarding the ink effectively, causing it to settle deeper, leading to a more greyish or pinkish hue. Additionally, this may necessitate laser removal, incurring additional costs that could surpass the initial eyebrow procedure expense.

It’s vital to acknowledge the individual variability in results, with proper aftercare playing a pivotal role in the lasting impact of eyebrow tattoos. Choosing the right balance during the application process can contribute to both the aesthetic appeal and cost-effectiveness of your semi-permanent makeup journey