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Laser eyebrow tattoo removal healing process: A step-by-step guide

Laser treatment is increasingly seen as the go-to option for those wanting to have an eyebrow tattoo removed that they no longer want.

It is seen as a safe method, providing that you hire a professional to do the procedure.

What to expect after laser eyebrow tattoo removal?

If you are considering laser eyebrow tattoo removal, it is important to know what happens afterwards.

Because the tattoo ink is broken down into small particles by the laser, it is likely that you will experience redness and swelling. The severity of the redness and swelling depends on how sensitive your skin is.

Some clients have reported some swelling, burning sensations and pinpoint bleeding. Some of them struggle to drive home after the treatment because their eyes swell as well as their eyebrow, so it is important to do your homework before choosing a place to remove your old eyebrow tattoo.

But you are in safe hands because Kristina Bradley uses a special cooling system to cool your skin before and after the treatment, calming the skin and reduce redness and swelling.

Kristina Bradley is known for her safe and efficient laser eyebrow removal technique. Kristina makes your skin a priority and the aim of her treatment is to deliver the best result whilst keeping the skin intact. It mans that your skin will not be broken or bruised during the treatment, you shouldn’t have any scabs and your eyebrow hair will be safe. Kristina makes the reaction happen under the skin without causing any burn to the surface or any pinpoint bleeding/

Straight after the treatment you may experience some burning sensation. That’s why you should follow the aftercare instructions carefully, including cooling the localised area around 10 minutes every hour for the first eight hours.

If you are lucky, the colour on your eyebrows may disappear straight after the treatment. Sometimes, the colour will just fade slightly, but you will still see the immediate improvement. Your eyebrows may look even darker straight after the treatment or change their colour from pink to grey or from grey to pink, or even turn into bluish, greenish, pink, orange or yellow shade, though this is very rare. However, don’t panic! All these colours still can be removed with the right treatment plan.

Remember, over the next few weeks your body will work hard to remove the ink that laser has broken down so you will notice your eyebrows getting lighter in time.

There are some risks with laser eyebrow tattoo removal. For example, the treatment may not work as well on certain colours, and hyperpigmentation may be seen either on the skin where the tattoo is located or in the surrounding area.  However, there is only a small chance of this happening and if you are adamant about removing your eyebrow tattoo, the rewards certainly outweigh any risks.

How long does it take for eyebrows to heal after laser removal?

The redness and swelling that you may experience immediately after your tattoo removal should calm down within a few hours.

However, most professionals say that the healing process usually lasts around six weeks before your next session. Depending on the technique use during the laser removal process, your healing process may last from few hours to a few weeks.

Typically, post-treatment ‘downtime’ is around 24 hours, with the majority of patients able to return to their normal routine and completing regular tasks within a few hours.

If you are experiencing any pain, it is a good idea to apply an ice pack to the affected area.

What not to do after eyebrow tattoo removal

If you want to make sure that the laser eyebrow tattoo removal healing process goes smoothly, it’s best to avoid getting the area wet or dirty for the first three days.

You should also never forget to apply an appropriate sun protection cream to protect your skin against harmful rays. Activities that involve heat, sun exposure, or hot water like swimming should also be avoided and you should ensure you stay hydrated throughout.

If your laser eyebrow tattoo removal has left you with scabs, it is best not to pick at them because this could cause lasting damage in the form of scarring.

It is also important not to skip using moisturiser because this will help accelerate the healing process and minimise itchiness associated with the tattoo removal.

In the aftermath of a laser eyebrow tattoo removal, many individuals try to use tattoo removal creams to accelerate the process.

However, while tattoo removals may fade the tattoo slightly, there is a chance it can cause permanent damage to your skin, especially if yours is sensitive already after your tattoo removal.

Want to safely remove your eyebrow tattoo?

It can be daunting to take the first step towards having an eyebrow tattoo removal, especially if you do not know what the process entails.

Thankfully, achieving beautiful eyebrows that appear natural is possible nowadays, but it is crucial you choose the right person to do it.

Fortunately, Kristina Bradley offers gentle and safe solution for anyone ready to get outstanding results from an eyebrow tattoo removal.

Her approach ensures that there is minimal downtime, meaning that you won’t be prevented from doing everyday activity.

Whether you have had eyebrow tattoos that have fallen short of your expectations or simply want to embrace a new look, a laser eyebrow tattoo removal may be the solution for you.

With an impressive portfolio of satisfied customers and years of experience working with semi-permanent makeup and aesthetics, there is no one more qualified to handle your eyebrow tattoo removal.

If you want to enjoy high-quality results, with little to no side effects, why not consider turning to Kristina Bradley?

You can make an enquiry today by calling her on 07428 104077 or by sending an email at

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